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Southern Dry Gin.

Crafted to stand out in the most simple of formats...


Ounce Gin is produced and bottled in Adelaide, South Australia by Imperial Measures at Applewood Distillery from a union of carefully selected botanicals highlighted by orange, vanilla and cardamom invigorating a traditional base of juniper and coriander to yield a characterful dry gin. 

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The wonderful Ounce Gin is the ‪‎bees knees‬ & we’re proud as punch to have it residing in ‪Gin City‬.
— Belair Fine Wines
With nothing more than a fresh wedge of orange to garnish the simplest format of a gin and tonic these guys have made the best summer G&T I’ve had the pleasure of sipping at, with restraint that I can recall.
— Brent Giles - Bar Manger, Bank Street Social

The Simplest of Formats


When we made the decision to create a Gin, foremost in our minds was how would our Gin be served.  Being at the beginning of our journey we felt that our first Gin should start at the beginning too. The ubiquitous Gin and Tonic is a simple delicious drink drunk by all.  And it is in the G&T that we wanted Ounce Gin to shine. From this we built Ounce Gin to stand out in the most simple of formats and it does just that.

One part Ounce Gin, two parts tonic, good ice and an orange garnish be it wedge, wheel, peel or flamed. Simple, delicious.

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We weigh, we measure...


The Imperial Measures Team

Ounce Gin is crafted by the Imperial Measures team, Chris Jones, David Danby and Ty Swan. Friends, colleagues and really just a bunch of old soaks who have spent the better part of their lives either behind, in front or on top of bars. After working together for many years we have thrown our hats into the ring as a craft producer and are overjoyed at what Ounce Gin has become. 

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